Warranty Cancellation

In order to streamline our cancellation processes we request that you fill out the following to begin the cancellation process.
Once the cancellation form is submitted, you will receive a DocuSign document to complete and sign, in order for us to initiate the cancellation process with the extended warranty company.  If you haven’t received the DocuSign documents within 4 business days, please feel free to submit another request.
If you are requesting the refund be sent directly to you, we will need proof that your original loan has been paid in full. Acceptable proof would be a copy of your title with the bank’s release or a banking document showing a $0 balance on your loan.  Please send this documentation to cancellations@damerowford.com
We may also respond via email to you requesting any documents that may be missing, so watch for that and check your junk mail!
The cancellation process can take up to 90 days, if you need to inquire about your status please e-mail cancellations@damerowford.com and we can provide you a status update, please allow 72 hour turnaround time.

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