HEAD TO HEAD The 2024 Ford Escape vs. The 2024 Toyota RAV4

Performance & Capability

2024 Ford Escape 2024 Toyota RAV4
Engine 2.0L EcoBoost 2.5L 4-Cyl
Horsepower 250 203
Torque 280lb-ft 184lb-ft
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic 8-Speed Automatic
Towing 3,500lbs 1,500lbs
Payload 2000lbs 1230lbs
EPA 27 MPG (city) - 34 MPG (highway) 27 MPG (city) - 35 MPG (highway)

Winner: Escape

Comparing the Escape’s EcoBoost to the RAV4’s 2.5L, the Escape’s EcoBoost is the clear-cut winner. Better towing, more torque, and higher horsepower are what make the Escape’s EcoBoost engine outperform the RAV4’s 2.5L 4-Cyl.

Offering 3,500lbs of towing with an optional Class II Trailer Tow Package, the Escape has distinguished itself from other SUV Crossovers as the best-in-class for towing. While the RAV4 TRD Off-Road can tow 3,500lbs, the standard RAV4 package can only tow 1,500lbs.

2024 Ford Escape


2024 Ford Escape 2024 Toyota RAV4
Wheelbase 106.7 inches 105.9 inches
Length 180.1 inches 180.9 inches
Height 66 inches 67 inches
Width 74.1 inches 73 inches
Maximum Cargo Capacity 37.5 cu.ft 37.5 cu.ft
Ground Clearance 7.5 in 8.1 in

Winner: Escape

The 2024 Ford Escape’s lower ground clearance means a lower center of gravity and thus more stability. Combine this with an extra inch in wheelbase and the stability of your Escape is even higher.

2024 Ford Escape Interior
On the inside we have the Escape coming standard with a luxury leather interior where as you’ll be paying more for this as an add-on option in the RAV4.


2024 Ford Escape Active 2024 Ford Escape ST-Line 2024 Toyota RAV4 LE 2024 Toyota RAV4 Adventure
MSRP $29,345 $30,340 $28,475 $34,670

Winner: Ranger

Disclaimer: MSRP pricing is provided by Toyota.com and Ford.com.

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