HEAD TO HEAD The 2024 Ford Ranger vs. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Performance & Capability

2024 Ford Ranger 2024 Toyota Tacoma
Engine 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 iFORCE 2.4L
Horsepower 315 278
Torque 400lb-ft 317lb-ft
Transmission 10-Speed SelectShift Automatic 8-Speed Automatic or manual
Towing 7,500lbs 6,500lbs
Payload 1805lbs 1685lbs
EPA 21 MPG (city) - 26 MPG (highway) 19 MPG (city) - 24 MPG (highway)

Winner: Ranger

Comparing the Ranger’s EcoBoost to the Tacoma’s 2.4L, the Ranger’s EcoBoost is the clear-cut winner. Better towing, more torque, and higher fuel economy are what make the Ranger’s EcoBoost engine outperform the Tacoma’s 2.4L.

Offering 7,500lbs of towing on every model (XL, XLT, Lariat, and Raptor), the Ranger has distinguished itself as the best-in-class for towing. 

24 Ranger Vs 1

Leveraging the prowess of its EcoBoost technology, the 2024 Ford Ranger masterfully combines efficiency with performance, setting a high bar in the segment. While the Toyota Tacoma boasts a commendable powertrain, the Ranger’s engine not only offers competitive fuel efficiency but also excels in torque, underscoring Ford’s commitment to delivering a truck that doesn’t compromise on power for economy. This strategic balance ensures the Ranger stands out, particularly for those who value a robust yet economical driving experience.


Winner: Ranger

In terms of exterior appearance, the Ranger and Tacoma are extremely similar across the board. Both trucks have an established look that is both slick and rugged, making them both ideal vehicles for city driving and off-road driving. Their exterior dimensions are also tremendously similar, coming within inches of each other in every measurement. The major difference between the two really comes down to interior, where the Ranger really shines over the Tacoma.

2024 Ford Ranger 2024 Toyota Tacoma
Wheelbase 128.7 inches 131.9 inches
Length 210.6 inches 213 inches
Height 74.4 inches 73.9 inches
Width 79.8 inches 76.9 inches
Cab Options SuperCrew AccessCab, DoubleCab
Short Bed Length 59.6 inches 60 inches
Long Bed Length 72.7 inches 72 inches
24 Ranger Vs 2
The Ranger’s interior has sophisticated quality and feel over the Tacoma. At its price point, you would expect a more lavish interior from the Tacoma; however, it seems to adhere more towards its rugged personality. While this may be ideal for drivers looking at strictly an off-roading vehicle, it’s not ideal for those looking for a daily driver. The Ranger, on the other hand, models its interior similar to what you’d see in a crossover vehicle—something you can drive to work during the week, and play in the dirt on the weekend.
24 Ranger Vs 3
The Ranger is more spacious, too. If you’re looking for a family vehicle or plan on having backseat passengers, then you’ll want to invest in the Ranger’s SuperCrew over the Tacoma’s DoubleCab. The Ranger has significantly more space and legroom for its passengers, as well as comfortable back seats for a more relaxed ride in rough terrain. That comfort extends to the driver seat, in which the Ranger offers high-mounted seats with 8-way power adjustments for finding the perfect position.


2024 Ford Ranger XL 2024 Ford Ranger XLT 2024 Toyota Tacoma SR5 2024 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner
MSRP $32,670 $35,610 $36,200 $38,100
Winner: Ranger Disclaimer: MSRP pricing is provided by Toyota.com and Ford.com.

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