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A Ford truck can pull, tow, and haul just about anything. Raw power is matched with impressive fuel economy to deliver the torque you need while minimizing gas output. From the F-150 to the Super Duty F-350, Damerow Ford offers the latest Ford trucks so you can get the job done. Check out Ford's towing guides for more info about tow capacities.



The F-150 is back like never before. Featuring a whole host of new additions to the base model, the 2016 Ford F-150 has - once again - revolutionized the utility flatbed truck. 

Tough. The latest F-150 is made with stronger, more durable materials than ever before. The superior military grade aluminum-alloy body and 70,000-psi steel frame can hold up to any job.

Efficient. Tougher doesn't mean heavier. The F-150's new material composition is up to 700 pounds lighter than previous models. A lighter truck means you get more miles out of every tank. It also has an auto start-stop feature to economize fuel when coming to a complete stop.

Powerful. A new 2.7 EcoBoost engine powers the F-150, delivering incredible performance with a tow capacity of up to 8,500 lbs and 2,250 lbs of payload. How does 325 horsepower on a truck sound to you?

Spacious. The all-new F-150 is as comfortable on the inside as it's tough on the outside. It's got nearly twice the cargo space in the 1st row and its 2 in. wider from door to door. 

Versatile. Off-roading? Seamlessly shift into 4-wheel drive. Towing? Flip the tow/haul switch for maximum performance. The 2016 Ford F-150 even comes standard with remote tailgate release for swiftly loading up your truck.

 Ford Truck Ranch

Damerow Ford carries a wide array of Ford trucks and SUVs at the Ford Truck Ranch. Whether you're looking for new, used, or fleet vehicles, Damerow Ford offers dozens of trims - both SRW and DRW - for you to choose from.

If you're looking for hauling power, we'll deliver. The Damerow Ford Truck Ranch offers a great selection of trucks built for work. No task is too big for the power of a Ford.

Browse our inventory online or visit our dealership at 12325 SW Canyon Road in Beaverton, OR. Contact Damerow Ford, Portland's #1 Ford dealer, to schedule a test drive or for more information. 

 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat Truck
MSRP from: $55,160 54,410

The Ford F-150 is hungry for work. Whether your towing trailers or hauling heavy loads, the F-150 is built with enough torque to get the job done and then some. At Ford, we don't compromise power for fuel efficiency. Instead, we provide an impressive fuel economy with a huge payload capacity. Browse our Ford F-150 inventory here.

2018 Ford F-250 XLT Truck
MSRP from: $46,705 $44,955

If you need a cut above the standard, the Ford F-250 is the truck for you. It's a super duty truck that can handle almost any terrain. They don't call it super duty for nothing - a Ford F-250 unleashes serious power when you hit the throttle, yet maintain maneuverability for off-roading excursions. 

2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 Lariat Truck
MSRP from: $44,595 $43,095

Whether you call it a powerhouse, workhorse, or heavyweight, one thing remains constant: the Ford F-350 is the ultimate super duty truck. Built for professionals by professionals, nothing stands between an F-350 and the task at hand. If you're in need of some serious muscle, the F-350 is the truck for you.

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  • Ford is a lifestyle, and we talk truck - our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have 
  • Savings for everyone - we offer the best deals with thousands off MSRP 
  • We have a huge selection of trucks in our new Ford Truck Ranch 
  • Outstanding trade-in value to put towards a new vehicle 
  • Flexible financing options to meet your budget

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