Commuting Safely and Comfortably With the 2019 Ford Escape

The 2019 Ford Escape is widely known as a popular compact SUV. This model has the Bi-Xenon headlights with Signature Lighting making it much easier to see the road at night and in rainy conditions. The heated steering wheel gives you a more comfortable drive in the Escape.

The headlights in the Escape are designed to last longer and draw less power from the system. The high-intensity discharge expands the visible area. This extra brightness can help you avoid a deer or see hazards sooner to give you more time to respond. If you live in a rural area, then these headlights will come in handy.

The ergonomic steering wheel is comfortable to use. When you spend hours driving around Beaverton, OR, the heat option can relieve stiff hands. Ask our Damerow Ford about taking a test drive to see how much warmth you will feel when you use this option.

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