A Couple of Ford Explorer Performance Features

When you are shopping for a new three-wheel SUV, it can be helpful to know what each vehicle that you have in mind has to offer, and we can help at Damerow Ford in Beaverton, OR. Many of our consumers like the Ford Explorer because it has innovative performance features. Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control are included with the Explorer.

Hill Start Assist is helpful because it can keep the anti-lock brakes engaged for up to two seconds when you transition from the brake to the accelerator while traveling uphill. This feature is very useful when towing. Hill Descent Control works by automatically engaging the brakes when necessary to help you maintain a smooth ride on steep grades.

Class-exclusive Curve Control can slow the SUV up to 10 mph in about one second when it senses that you are driving around a turn too quickly. This feature works by using throttle reduction and four-wheel braking, and it comes in handy when you are entering and exiting on- and off-ramps too quickly.

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