Improve Your Tires and Wheels at the Car Wash

As the seasons change, new forms of road dirt and grime find their way onto any vehicle’s wheels and tires. Without proper care, dirt buildup will not only make them look worn, but also reduce their performance.

It’s simple to give your wheels and tires the treatment they deserve. Instead of just spraying them off with a hose, use a special tire brush along with wheel-safe cleaner to effectively address the areas where spraying won’t. First, hose down your wheels to remove loose dirt. Then apply the tire cleaner on both the rubber and metal alloy parts. Using the tire brush, gently scrub away the grime and dirt on all surfaces. After a final rinse, you’ll have a set of tires that not only look new, but perform better.

However, if you need a fresh set of tires or other special wheel maintenance, the professionals at Damerow Ford in Beaverton, OR have the expertise and parts to ensure your car looks great and performs like it should this season. Call our service center today for the next appointment!

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