Hands-Free iOS That Doesn’t Suck: Apple CarPlay

Hands-free systems for cars aren’t new, but they’ve always sucked, and not really integrated your system into your car. Still, safety is more important than convenience, so using these jury-rigged setups was better than being a reckless fool and endangering everyone on the road.

Apple CarPlay, a new feature being worked into many modern cars, wishes to mix true convenience and quality user experience into this safety at long last. What can it do? Well …


No more pressing buttons on the dash-mounted phone in a cradle. On-wheel controls along with Siri’s award-winning voice recognition and digital assistant features remove any need to take your hands off the wheel at any time. So, don’t do it!

Full features

This isn’t stripped down – your favorite iOS features and apps take the trip with you, including Spotify, Pandora and YouTube. Hands-free calling, maps and GPS are at the core of its features too.

Dash Display

Don’t be watching videos on this – it won’t let you anyhow. But, this dash display provides rapid, at-a-glance reports on traffic, maps, weather and caller information so you never need to look away for more than less than a second. Eyes on the road everyone.

Do your part to keep the streets of Beaverton safe and free of distractions. See a demonstration of CarPlay-enabled vehicles at Damerow Ford today.

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