Towing Guide Do's and Don'ts

Your friends at Damerow Ford wanted to pass on so important towing safety tips to ensure you get to where you are going without incident.

  • Once the other vehicle is positioned on the trailer, try to distribute the weight evenly enough so that there is no chance of tipping as you take turns.
  • Although your vehicle has tire pressure indicators to warn of low tires, the trailer doesn't. Take a tire gauge and go around to all the tires now to make certain none of them are leaking or could lead to a blowout if underinflated.
  • Before leaving, get someone to go behind the trailer to confirm all the lights are working properly. If not, now is the time to change the bulbs before another vehicle slams into the trailer.

Get your vehicle to our service center at Damerow Ford before towing another vehicle so we can make certain it will be up to the task without mechanical issues.

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