How to Decipher Tire Wall Markings

Have you ever had to buy new tires, and you don't know how to determine what kind you need? The markings on the side wall will tell you what you need to know, but deciphering them can be tricky. That's why we wrote a handy guide to help you figure out your tires.

Let's start with an example: P235/55 R18

  • P - Tire class. The 'P' Stands for "Passenger."
  • 235 -Section width of the tire, measured in millimeters
  • 55 - Aspect ratio that is written as a percentage of the sidewall height to the width.
  • R - Construction type, in this case, it's a radial tire.
  • 18 - The wheel diameter this tire will fit, in inches

If you need tires or you're having difficulty understanding which tires are best for your car, don't worry! Here at Damerow Ford, our service center can help you with everything you need to select the best tires for your vehicle!

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